To: Steve Reiner
Subject: Thanks!

Afternoon Steve,

I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoyed working with you over the past months. I feel we really made a lot of progress. I know an old dog like me kind of gets set in his ways after being in sales so long. You gave me many new and fresh idea’s to try and they really seem to help. As you know I was able to close enough orders at the end of 2011 to make the Nissan sales award trip to Costa Rica this year. Could not have done it without you. My production for the 1st quarter is about 40% over what I have done the past 3-4 years.

Please feel free to use me as a reference as I would be glad to share my experiences with anyone out there that needs a booster shot. Best of luck to you and once again, thanks for your help.

Jim Wilson, Senior Account Manager

Forklift Systems, Inc.


January 6, 2011

OK Dave,

So I used your 7 ways for remembering names….on 8 people that were here for a tour of our facility….and I’ll be damned if two of them didn’t come back a few hours later without giving me a “heads up”…and I remembered their names without any effort. THIS WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT YOUR TEACHINGS…

Note: I have no way of explaining how piss-poor I was at remembering names previously…it was flat-out embarrassing.

I have also implemented many other lessons from the Southwest Consulting Conference, and they’re powerful tools that I’m glad to have in my arsenal. So, I guess I’m saying thanks for selling me the tickets to your event…MANY THANKS!

David Wysong
The Color Spot


Dear Gary,

I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation:  “Gary helped me turn my business from a surviving mortgage banker to a thriving mortgage company.  He convinced me to work more on my business rather than in my business 50 hours per week.  Gary gave me a huge boost of confidence after being beaten down by the real estate market collapse.  I now work daily on the things Gary suggested for making my business a profit center and my 10 loan officers more productive.
Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

– Jim Porter


“After 4 months of TPE executive level training, I’ve seen major improvements with not only my business, but also the coaching has helped me at home. The technical sales training has been great, but for me the motivational sales philosophies have really helped me take my production to the next level. I have already recommended the Top Producer’s Edge coaching program  for my sales team. I would recommend the executive level TPE for any top executive and the regular TPE for any sales professional.”

-Jeanine Martin, Senior VP of Primerica


“This is a must! This is the sales coaching and training that I have been recommending for years. Ever since attending the Southwestern Company –Success Starts Now! sales training conference over 2 years ago, our team has seen incredible results. My top producers are getting great results in the Top Producer’s Edge coaching program. One of our producers went from #3  to the #1 mortgage producer in the state of Tennessee.”

-Greg Goodman, Manager of the #1 producing team for Bank of America (formerly Countrywide)


“In the last 4 months, our entire organization of both counselors and Sales Managers have improved performance by 18% over their average monthly run rate from last year.    I appreciate the opportunity to work with Southwestern Consulting and recommend anyone who is serious about growing their sales team to give it a try.”

  • Tim Rodgers, Market Director, SCI- Alabama Funeral Services


“Last year we sold 543 homes and we had the  #1 sales team worldwide out of 76,000 agents.  I have just always had coaches and consultants in my business and in life. After being coached by Southwestern Consulting I’m just getting things right away, taking them and implementing them, seeing the reaction that I’m getting and it’s incredible!”

-Chad Goldwasser, Real Estate Agent – Keller Williams


I want to say thanks but I think it would be more appropriate to congratulate you on your exceptional speech yesterday (which was delivered with complete WOW! Factor). We appreciate time
and efforts you put-in to make Sunday Seminar and Monday keynote a great success. (I am still trying to recover from your Monday’s speech). We hope you had wonderful experience as well.

We wish you best for the future and I am sure you will have a great success with your remarkable ability as a speaker. Let’s keep in touch and we can try to team up in couple of years with
something new (pertinent at that time).

Thanks again,

Deven Trivedi

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