A Quick Guide on How and When to Follow Up With Your Clients (Part 7 of 12)

Senior Partner of Southwestern Consulting™, Amanda Johns Vaden, on client follow up! Check out part 7 of this 12 part series!

Amanda Johns Vaden | Keynote Speaker | Gender Communication | Coaching | Business Consultant

When determining what kind of follow up would

be important to your clients ask yourself 3 questions: 


(please note activities that you do not currently employ)

  • Thank you call, email, hand written note, or thank you gift
  • An initial feedback phone call following implementation
  • A technical and/or customer service inquiry by another department
  • A feedback phone call or letter after some period of time of usage of product/ service
  • An annual/ quarterly/ monthly feedback call or letter
  • An annual/ quarterly/ monthly breakfast/ lunch/ dinner to address needs or for continued relationship development

What service & follow-up activities could I add to my schedule that would potentially drive additional sales from my customer?

  • Send a helpful third-party book addressing another area where you have a solution
  • Send a customer newsletter with helpful ideas for their particular world (business or home)
  • Send relevant industry news stories or trade magazine articles
  • Stay in touch…

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