Delete This: 7 Tips For Getting Your Inbox to Zero

3005981-poster-1280-7-tips-getting-your-inbox-zeroBy: Co-Founder, Rory Vaden

I’m honestly embarrassed at how something so trivial as email has become such a significant source of stress in my life. But it really is. On some days I feel like my inbox is this dark cloud hovering over my life disallowing any peace from settling in. It is a never-ending, constantly growing, impossibly satisfied, infinite mound of mounting minutiae to process and complete.

At times, I’ve had a hard time relaxing because each minute I’m away from my inbox I know that it’s piling up and up only waiting for me to deal with later. In fact, I’ve decided that email is actually an acronym that stands for Endless Major Anxiety Increase List. What seems unfair to me is that I can be up at the crack of dawn, in meetings and on calls all day long working at an incredible emotional and physical pace and then when I’m “done” working at 6:15 p.m. I check my inbox to find that I have 200 items waiting to be responded to.

While I find humorous–and have actually considered–the clamoring smart aleck advising, “I just hit select all and delete,” that doesn’t work in the real world. In the real world I have customers, employees, vendors, accountants, family, and friends who are all expecting a response and often needing a response to move initiatives forward in their lives.  Read the rest of this article in Fast Company here….

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