Think You’ve Been Wronged? Let it Go!

The following is a blog post from Southwestern Consulting™ Partner and Sales Coach, Dew Tinnin:

I was recently talking to one of my coaching clients (let’s call him Paul) and he shared a story with me about how he had been wronged by one of his co-workers. Paul had entered his prospect’s name in the system, but his co-worker didn’t see it when they searched the system before working with the prospect (it came down to a spelling error). The co-worker ended up closing the deal and Paul felt he had been wronged. He had a hard time getting over it and felt that the co-worker and manager didn’t handle the situation properly.

Now, we all have to deal with situations where we feel we’ve been wronged, but Paul just couldn’t get over it. Paul lost his mojo. He let the lost income not only affect his day, week or month – he let it affect his entire year!

Read the rest of this post on Dew’s Blog.

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