How Rory Vaden Became a Professional Speaker

How’d you get into that? – My 15 point checklist about leveraging discipline to become a professional speaker…

When I was 17 and 18 years old I knew I wanted to spend my life reading, researching, writing, and speaking on the topic of self-discipline. And whenever I’d meet people who were authors/speakers I’d always ask, “How’d you get into that?” I imagined they probably got the question a lot and were probably annoyed that I was asking it but I couldn’t help it because I needed to know the answer.

There are so many days I feel like I’m so far behind where I want to be in this business; but in the past year the tables have definitely turned to where I’m on the other side of the “How’d you get into that?” question. Recently it seems as though I’m getting asked dozens of times per month. While I’m a million miles from the top of the speaking “stairwell” I have made a good bit of progress over the last 10 years so I figured I’d share the short steps of my journey thus far for anyone who cares or is looking to get into this business. . . Read the rest of Rory’s article here.

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