Inc. Magazine: Rare New Form of Procrastination Identified

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Rare New Form of Procrastination Identified

So you don’t consciously put off tasks for later. That doesn’t mean you’re not procrastinating, according to one management consultant.

Your laid-back college roommate may have been the kind to put off his paper until the last possible moment in favor of lolling about and enjoying life, but that’s not you.

You’ve been a Type A, hyperproductive person since long before you became a entrepreneur. You may be frantically busy, but at least you can congratulate yourself on having conquered procrastination, right?

Not so fast, says Rory Vaden of Southwestern Consulting. He claims to have identified a new form of procrastination affecting the high achieving in a recent post on the OPEN Forum blog. He dubs the condition “priority dilution” and reports on research by his firm into its prevalence. Apparently, it’s a quiet scourge: “According to a recent poll of managers we work with in our management coaching program, 58.5% say that priority dilution is the type of procrastination that most closely describes what they are struggling with.” What exactly does priority dilution look like? Vaden explains:

While priority dilution has nothing to do with laziness, apathy or being disengaged (like traditional procrastination) it nets the same result: a delay of the day’s most important activities because your attention shifts to less important, but perhaps seemingly more urgent, tasks. You are trading your to-do list for emergencies.

And more frighteningly, you might not even….read more

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