Want to learn how to work Double-Time Part Time for Full-Time Free Time.

Read Rory Vaden’s article in Huffington Post. http://ow.ly/cNITc

Balance is crap. The concept of balance is not only a discordant metaphor for how to spend your time but an ineffective strategy. Striving for “work-life” balance is an impractical standard; it’s one that won’t bring you the results you truly seek — and it should be avoided.

By definition balance means “equal force in opposite directions,” which implies that to be balanced our time and energy should be spread in a perfect distribution across various tasks we have in our life. But if we sleep eight hours a day and work eight hours a day, then to truly be balanced we could only do one other activity and it would have to be eight hours every day. That concept is absurd and outdated.

Success in business, at home, and in life doesn’t come from applying our resources proportionately throughout different areas. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Success usually is the result of focusing our talents, money, time or energy in one priority direction for a shorter period of time to create a desired result — called a season. In one word, a season is best defined as imbalance.

  • For example, if you were thousands of dollars in debt you wouldn’t get out very fast if you were only paying off an extra $10 per month more than your minimum balance. You’d have to find a way to make sacrifices in other areas of your life to throw more and more money at your debt problem until it was gone.
  • If you were 200 pounds overweight you likely wouldn’t get the transformation you wanted by working out 10 minutes per week. Instead, you’d have to arrange your life for some time so you could work out more like 10 hours per week to get you to an acceptable level of heath.
  • An entrepreneur would take forever to get her business off the ground by working just 30 minutes per week on the side. If it were going to be significant it would take much more time than that to get it started.

Think about a farmer… if they worked a balanced schedule throughout the year including the harvest season they would have much less production. When the harvest season comes they must work harder and longer because they only have a short window of time to maximize their reap! So, during harvest season… read more


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