Control the Moment

My life has been a series of wonderful experiences.

It is a pity I wasn’t there for most of them.

~Parta Nelson (actress 1920-2001)

Wherever you are, be there!

Right now is all you’ve got. If you miss a moment, it’s gone. The good news is that there is always another “right now” around the corner. The bad news is that it’s easy to miss that one, too. In fact, it’s easy to arrive at the end of your life having spent very little time in “right now”. That’s because it’s easy to obsess about the past or the future (two places that do not even exist if you think about it). Recognize this, you have never been in the past and you will never be in the future. You will only forever be “right now”.

Try this:

  1. Think of an area at work or in your personal life where things are not working.
  2. Consider that you are probably stuck thinking about the past or future where that issue is concerned.
  3. Jot down what you CAN control right now.
  4. Get creative and passionate about what you CAN control right now.
  5. Do SOMETHING right now!!!!

Always remember this: When today is over, there is one more yesterday and one less tomorrow . . . that you can never change.

Have an incredible day!

Gary Michels

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