Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier. ~Colin Powell

Success Tips

I always have a sheet on or near my desk with my Critical Success Points. Of course, the points have changed over the years depending on the different careers I’ve had (real estate, fundraising, network marketing, training sales, etc). Your points will change based on where you are in life and what career and projects you are working on.

The list of 10 Points below is used daily at our company, Southwestern Consulting™.  When you work on these points on a consistent basis, you put yourself at a higher level than the average producer. You can use these 10 points as a skeleton to create your own that are critical to your success. I suggest you write out the 10 Points and post them where you can review them regularly.

Turn It Up a Notch Daily with These 10 Points

  • How many calls and appointments made before 8 AM? How many messages left?
  • How are my phone appointment skills?
  • Am I closing word-for-word for the appointment?
  • Am I trial closing?
  • Am I using 3rd party selling?
  • How many appointments ahead am I? 10-15 appointments ahead at all times.
  • Progress report on how much potential business set up, signed, and still needed to hit goals every week. (Daily attention – Friday Summarize)
  • What did I do sales-wise that was productive between 4-6 PM?
  • How am I doing in my Daily Point game? Am I 2 strong EVERY DAY?
    (Each appointment = 1 point; Demonstration/Workshop = 1 point)
  • Am I spending at least 15 minutes putting positive thoughts into my mind? 10/10 Affirmations?
  • Am I spending at least 20% of my time going after LARGE groups that can produce LARGE results?
  • Am I asking EVERYONE I meet for a REFERRAL?

Give this a try for 4 weeks and share with us your successes!
Gary Michels, Co-founder Southwestern Consulting™


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