4 Mental Mistakes Salespeople Need to Avoid

Written By: RoryVaden

Most people are by definition: average. And because most salespeople are average it’s easy to find a sample population to study to determine the way they act that is different from the way top performers act. Because our team at Southwestern Consulting is dedicated to helping people become Top Producers we also study what keeps average people – average. 

The number one trait that average salespeople exhibit is they subconsciously (or consciously) start working to avoid nos, rather than working the numbers to find the yeses. Here are the 4 most common activities that mediocre salespeople engage in when they get in the mental state of “avoiding nos”: 

  • They skip around in their Territory – Because they aren’t getting yeses fast enough the thought occurs to them that they should try to work smarter. They will exhibit behaviors such as spending a lot of time in between sales calls trying to be strategic about who to call, or considering what the best territory is to work. They end up making less calls and building less momentum and obviously get less results. 
  • They change-up their selling technique – Regularly we see average salespeople decide that the problem is what they are saying. In an effort to avoid nos they decide to do things like spend time re-writing scripts, or studying in the middle of prime time prospecting hours. It is deceptive because it can appear to both them and the people around them that they are striving to improve but it is actually creative avoidance


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