Notes from Emmie Young

I remember my scripts best if I

A. Record myself saying the script and listen

B. Make outlines and write them over and over

C. Write the words down and read them back

I like to study my scripts role-playing

A. With one other person

B.  Alone in a quiet place

C.  By listening to recordings or shadowing someone

I remember things most when

A. I Hear them

B. Say them

C. Read them 

I have figure out where I messed up in my sales presentation when I

A. Role-play the scenario with someone else

B. Listen to a recording

C. Watch a video of my presentation 

When I study scripts I like to

A. Use a chanting rhythm to memorize

B. Use a highlighter to emphasize points

C. Explain the information to someone else

When I am alone right before a sales presentation,

A. I will Read over my notes

B. Sing or talk the words out loud

C. Act out the presentation

 When I study my scripts and dialogues,

A. I like to Read out loud

B. Act out the presentation

C. Make an outline

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