FREE Sales Training TONIGHT!

Do you have difficulty remembering customer’s names?

Do you have the perfect answer for an objection, but can’t remember it?

HELP IS HERE – Tips to improve your ability to remember the names of your customers, people you meet and general techniques to creating a “steel-trap” memory.

Our ASK THE SALES EXPERTS teleseminar TONIGHT – THURSDAY, December 8th at 7:00PM CT.

Amanda Johns – The Importance of Visual Images

Gary Michels – The Stellar 6 Ideas to Memorize & Use the Things You’ve Learned

Rory Vaden – The 7 “tions” of Remembering People’s Names

Ron Marks – Super Charge Your Memory Through Proper Nutrition

Dustin Hillis – Maximizing Technology to Help You Remember

Emmie Young – Memorizing Scripts in Your Natural Learning Style



CALL IN: 712-432-0404  access code: 555575#

Live Chat on our Facebook Page  at 7:00pm CT – Join us for LIVE Q & A during teleseminar

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