“We become what we do repeatedly. Excellence, therefore, is not an act. It is a habit” Aristotle

#1: DAILY GRATITUDE. This is the process of being very aware of your current success, how you do have all the necessary elements for you to achieve your greatest dream. In the context of “farming”, you have the seed, fertilizer, the water and the rich land at your disposal. All you need now is to “work it”.

To realize this in your daily gratitude will reaffirm that success is yours for the taking. That you are surrounded with the right opportunities, the right referral partners, and the right conditions for you to have a thriving mortgage professional practice.

#2: DON’T OPEN YOUR EMAIL FOR AN HOUR. Email is by far one of the highest consumers of time and distraction. Employ this time in mentally preparing, so that your mindset is set to succeed for the day. Remember it is important for you to know that your focus must be on the discipline and application of your daily work and not on the desired outcome. This is a time you can use to review your plan for the day, write your daily notes, organize and empower yourself.

#3: WRITE 3 PERSONAL NOTES EVERY MORNING. The power of the written word is extraordinary, especially at a time when we are so e-mail oriented. These notes should be directed to people with whom you’ve had contact the previous day, realtors with whom you want to stay in “flow”, or past customers with whom you would like to stay connected, etc. The note should be very concise and should contain no more than 3 to 4 sentences. Make this simple for you to write in simple for your recipient to read.

The purpose here is for you to be in top of mind with that person that is receiving your note. Some examples are:

it was great to see you the other day…

Thank you for your business…

I saw this article and thought you might enjoy it…

Congratulations on your recent…


#4: FOCUS ON CUSTOMER CALLS. Call five referral partners or potential borrowers every day. This does not mean five dials. It means the necessary number of dials to achieve five calls. The following is the customer/referral partner call process:

    1. salutation
    2. look for common ground, talk about friends, family, occupation, recreation or dreams
    3. “the purpose of my call”
    4. end conversation on common ground
    5. limit calls to 3 to 5 min. maximum

    #5: SCHEDULE 3 FACE-TO-FACE APPOINTMENTS WITH REFERRAL PARTNERS EVERY WEEK. You are either “visible” or “invisible”. By scheduling appointments in person you will reaffirm the value you bring to the table to your referral partners and again be top of mind in the eyes of your referral partners. This is one of most important components of your daily activity.

#6: BUILD YOUR DATABASE BY ADDING 10 NAMES PER WEEK. The greater number of names in your database, the greater the number of contacts you will make, and the greater number of closings you will generate.


Regards and continued success,

Paul de la Garza

Professional Certified Coach


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