Cold Calling Recipe for Success

Cold Calling Essentials

  • Get your mind in the right place by effective use of positive affirmations (“I’m the best insurance agent, working for the best insurance company, with best policies to offer this prospect today.”)
  • Focus on the goal when cold calling (setting an appointment, submitting a quote, getting a referral)
  • Research your market and prospects (pre-approach information – to use 3-D names effectively)
  • Prepare an opening statement for your cold call (greeting, name(s) connection and reference point)


Cold Calling Recipe for Success

 The #1 ingredient in cold-calling success is the SCRIPT.

#2 is LIST. The first law of lists is: The easier a list is to get, the more competitors have it, the less likely it is to be any good.

#3 is SOUND. There is such a thing as a professional sound. If you sound wishy-washy, uncertain, tired, bored, sour or have a host of other unprofessional sounds, you lose … even if you have the world’s best script.

#4 is NUMBERS. When I am debugging a failing cold-call campaign, my first question is always, “How many calls do you make an hour?” If it’s below 40 per hour, I won’t even discuss anything else. I have to fix that one first. If you’re lolling along making 10 or 12 calls per hour, guess what? You will fail even with the best script, an optimum list and a great sound.

#5 is STYLE. There is certainly more than one way to skin the cold-calling cat. I refer to this as “campaign style.” The style is determined by what you want to accomplish on the call. Do you want to sell something? Do you want to get an appointment on the first call?

We’d love to hear what is working for you, too! Please comment below and share your success or questions.

To Your Success,

SWC Sales Training Team


5 thoughts on “Cold Calling Recipe for Success

  1. Thanks for the list! I go around the internet looking for basic info on cold-calling and other telemarketing topics. I especially agree with that part about researching prospects first. It really helps to do your homework on them beforehand.

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