5 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make on LinkedIn

So you want to use LinkedIn to increase your sales? It’s no wonder it’s the place to be with over 100 million affluent, ambitious and influential business people like yourself connecting daily. Many sales professional are trying to use LinkedIn to find more leads, to connect with decision makers and increase sales; but most are not seeing results.

You can make the most of your LinkedIn marketing efforts by avoiding these 5 mistakes:


The first thing people do when they join LinkedIn is to create a profile. There are places to add previous job roles, qualifications, etc. and this is where people make the mistake of turning their profile into a resume. Unless you are job hunting, resist the temptation to complete these sections in complete detail.

The most effective introductions focus on who you help and what problems you help them solve or results you help them achieve. Then you can give them more details as to why you are uniquely qualified to help.

LinkedIn is for making business connections and you need to design your profile to have the impact you want on those connections.


When people find you in searches on LinkedIn or when you contribute to Group discussions or Answers Q&A section; the only thing visible is a little box with your name, photo, and your headline. If your headline is your job title, “Sales Manager at XYZ Company”, it doesn’t give people a compelling reason to connect with you; unless they are seeking out your company or sales managers to market to. NOTE: unless you change your headline manually, LinkedIn takes the headline from your last job title.

COMPARE: Sales Manager at A1 Consulting TO: 4.7 Billion Sales > 900% Growth | Grew Share 14 to 44% | VP Sales Marketing A1 Consulting


If you create your LinkedIn profile and then fail to reach out to others and join groups where your prospects are, then it’s like attending a networking event and standing in a corner waiting for people to come to you. You need to go out and engage with others.

Here are some easy ways to engage with others:

• Update your status message daily

• Comment on other people’s statuses just like Facebook and Twitter

• Answer questions on the Q & A boards – This will help you prove your expertise and appears as a leader


When most people send out invitations to connect, they leave LinkedIn default message. They don’t personalize the email and explain to prospective connections why they should engage and connect with you. You need to tell people what they will get out of the relationship. It also shows the prospective connections that you are taking the time to draft a personal email showing that the connection is important to you. Otherwise, sending the default message looks like you are just spamming a target list to see how many connections you can get. Your connections should be about quality not quantity.


After coaching many sales professionals to optimize their LinkedIn profiles, I have found that most of them had joined groups that were “sales” groups filled with their competition. Now, it’s good to join some of your own industry’s groups so you have up-to-date information, tools and strategies. But you want to join groups that your prospects belong to – and not just your competition. And, you can join up to 50 groups. Join as many as you can be active in and that you see as your target market. Remember, that when you put out new content and send it to your groups, it will be delivered as a message to them. So, if you belong to 50 groups with 1000 people in each group, your content will immediately reach 50,000 people in your target market.

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