What is Your Normal? By: Dustin Hillis

This sales tip came to me from a beautiful woman named Kyah… who is now my wife. :-)   She taught me that what I consider “normal” is exactly what I get.  

Average producers make themselves feel better by thinking that top producers are “abnormal”.  

How do you define “normal”? Do you define “normal” as barely hitting the numbers you need to hit to stay on par?  Do you define “normal” as being in the middle of the pack?  Do you define “normal” as selling more this month than you did last month because you are better at your job? Do you define “normal” as doubling your production and breaking company records?

Top Producers never allow themselves to say “I did my best”.  Once “I did my best” has been declared one cannot do any better.  On the flip side if our self talk is “I did good, but tomorrow will be better”  there will be no limit to what can be done.

Take a moment to think about what you define as “normal”.  What is your “normal” number of calls per day?  What is your “normal” quantity of production? What are your “normal” expectations in general?  Are you holding yourself back by the sheer definition of how you define “normal”?

Here is what Tony Robins has to say about this Southwestern Company sales tip.

Dustin Hillis


One thought on “What is Your Normal? By: Dustin Hillis

  1. I have been in inside sales for 16 years. Selling over 100 million. I started as a rep and I am now the CEO. My question is I still have an almost imppossible time finding motivated sales people to work, when I know they can make 100k in 3 years on job doing honest work. Where and what resources are availible to find/hire good people that want to work hard?

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