Selling with Social Media: Prospecting with LinkedIn

Selling with Social Media: Prospecting with LinkedIn

So you’ve set up all of your profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin; now what?

Below is a sneak peek into some of the social media training we will be covering in Southwestern Consulting’s brand new coaching session:  Get Found, Get Known, Get Clients!

LinkedIn is a social network that is known for being used primarily by professionals. It’s use is continuing to evolve as more people are joining the network and it is becoming useful to a wider variety of industries. LinkedIn is a great place to connect with other professionals in the same industry and who may be able to help you with referrals or information. It is a great place to build a community of potential customers.

 The video below shows you how to use Linked In to immediately develop a list of target prospects for just about any business you are in. Whether it’s developing referral partners or gathering pre-approach on cold prospects the “advanced search” feature on Linked In can provide you with an immediate, targeted, and free list of people to try and meet. The list gives you a chance to gather a bit more information than you’d normally have on any introductory approach. You can spend thousands of dollars buying lists that are out-dated and that have limited information or you can use Linked In for a very up to date list with lots of detailed information.

Rory Vaden MBA is a self-discipline strategist, author, and motivational speaker. He is known world-wide for his resonating “Take the Stairs” message of self-discipline. With so many people wondering if social media is the next “escalator” to success Rory has gotten intimately involved with what social media can and can’t do. This video segment is one of 25 lessons from his brand new 3 disc resource called Next Generation Marketing: Selling products, services, and ideas with social media in 30 minutes a day.

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