Sales Made Simple

I’m new to sales. My comfort zone is in front the computer screen letting my fingers do the walking and the keyboard do the talking. Put me on facebook, twitter or any other social media platform and I can share my experiences, tell a story, “listen” to others really well and even sell some products. But, send me out on an appointment (one that’s already set because cold-calling just freaks me out!) to do a presention . . . scary stuff for me. I had to force myself to learn to do it; because I had a product that was ready to sell, but no one to sell it.

That was the “old” me. The “new” me is excited about sales. The “new” me is learning how to find prospects, qualify a lead and even cold calling – yep, I have picked up the phone and made my first cold call and I didn’t die, freak out or even get hung up on. It’s just not as scary as I had made it out to be in my mind. All I had to do was to take action. So, I picked my myself up by the boot straps and jumped in with both feet into the library of sales resources available at  Southwestern Consulting™.

The team of top producers at Southwestern Consulting™ are committed to offering an avenue for sales professionals worldwide to educate and motivate themselves to accelerate personal and professional achievement. Whether you participate in the one-on-one coaching programs, attend the one-day high powered seminar, participate in on-site corporation training or just purchased the resources available in the library, you will learn the proven principles, practices and tactics which have enabled The Southwestern Company to create generations of high performing sales professionals around the globe for the past 150 years. All of coaches, speakers and authors are also Sales Practitioners. They are masters of method and experts in execution. They are not celebrities, athletes, or politicians. They are people who are in the trenches selling every single day just like you (and now) I.

I want to share a track from the recent resource I am studying: “The Audience in NOT in Their Underwear”. This is a 6-disc set that shares techniques that will increase your confidence whether you are presenting to an audience of 1 or 1000. It includes topics such as:

• 5 psychological reasons why people laugh
• How to capitalize on your opening moments to reduce fear and nervousness
• The perfect way to create an atmosphere for persuading your audience; and


I’m including the track of AUDIO as a FREE gift to you. This is from the How to Keep Your Presentation ALIVE Disc 5 in the :Audience in NOT in their Underwear” 6-disk set. It was super helpful to me and I hope you enjoy this free gift. If you are interested in the entire collection, you will find it here:

I’d love to hear your comments or tips that have made sales easier for you.


Dawn Beauvais, Social Media Manager


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