Accountability is Huge

It is now almost March and I have noticed something interesting about the parking lots of the gym I go to in San Jose and the gym  I have been going to in Texas. It seems to me the number of cars and people in the gym was way larger a few weeks ago and even more so right after the new year. Each week the numbers of people has gone down a bit.   I asked the employees working the front desk if there was any truth to this observation. They told me this happens ever year and by March 1st all of those that had made “New Years Resolutions” had all but abandoned them and the only folks still coming were the regulars.

So I ask you, what is happening? Why can’t people keep resolutions up? Whether it is going to the gym, spending more time with family and friends, being more productive at work, etc. What is it we can do to keep these resolutions and make them changes for a lifetime… not just a few weeks. It is good old discipline to your ACCOUNTABILITY. If you are truly committed to having a better life, tell everybody you know about your resolutions and goals and ask them to help you by holding you accountable. If you are truly committed to “Turn It Up A Notch” in your life, then you must embrace the concept of accountability.

I like the saying “you should burn the boat and not give yourself a way back to the old you who hits the snooze bar.” Because if you burn the boat, there is no going back when the going gets tough. You cannot go back to your old habits ….NO MATTER WHAT.

I want to recommend to you all one of the most compelling books I have ever read. It is called QBQ, The Question Behind The Question by John Miller. It is an easy read and really digs into the whole idea of accountability.

Make it a great week.

Gary Michels

Co-founder Southwestern Consulting™

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