The answer to this question comes from a tidbit of wisdom I picked up from a buddy of mine named Bryan Flanagan.

Bryan, a sales professional and sales trainer that Zig called “instrumental” in helping the Ziglar name become recognized as a top sales training company throughout the world, tells it in a story that might soundfamiliar to your own…

Bryan ended up in sales accidentally. He took a job in sales because that was what was available and people told him he’d be good at it.

He says he got the job because he was dressed right.  NOT because he was a natural born salesman.  And that selling did not come easy to him —even after the $50,000 in sales training IBM provided him.

In fact, he says after all that training, he became a salesperson “that couldn’t sell.”

He doesn’t blame IBM though.  He says they gave him all the skills he needed.  But what he didn’t get was the missing element that would allow him to use those skills successfully.

I came across Bryan’s insightful “two elements to selling” in his new book, So, You’re New to Sales!

I’m about to tell you what Bryan says changed his life, helped him produce significant sales results and provided a great life for his family.  A life that let him travel around the world and send his children to the university of their choice, among other things. Sales is a career that allows all of us the chance to realizedreams like those when we learn how to produce.

Bryan says during his struggles, someone pointed him Zig’s book, See You at the Top. After reading the book, Bryan says he realized he was “missing success by a distance of 12 inches.”

Referring to the distance from his head to his heart—Bryan says he realized IBM taught him the intellectual side of selling. But Zig taught him the heart side of selling.

So the answer is neither the head nor the heart is better—but that using both together is best.

Naturally, there’s something head-smackingly obvious about using these “two elements of selling” to sell more but how many days do we just sell with one or the other? 

I know that I personally often forget to connect the two and giving ourselves fresh reminders by reading new material on thescience and art of selling always helps our dormant forces come alive in our actual practice.

As you know the Ziglars are close friends of mine who are near and dear to my heart and so is Bryan. Plus, we [Southwestern Consulting] constantly advocate reading as a source of growing your knowledge base in sales.

Bryan’s book So You’re New to Sales  combines the intellectual side of selling with the heart side of selling and gives you the benefit of Bryan’s sales battles, both won and lost, and the millions of dollar’s worth of lessons he’s learned throughout his own 40-year sales career.  If you are looking for something to give yourself a fresh start or you know of a salesperson young in their career the Ziglars are giving away over $500 hundred dollars of free bonuses as part of Bryan’s book launch.

You can check it out here 

Whether you are brand new to sales or you’ve been in the business for several decades remember today to give the best of both your head and your heart as you are out serving your customers.  

To your sales success,

Rory Vaden

PS here again is the link to the Ziglar’s site with all of the goodies that come with the book that make buying it sort of a “no duh”


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