Referrals: A Key to Your Success

Referrals are not an option!


When you have less time, you need referrals.

When you need more sales, you need referrals.

When you are on a deadline, you need referrals.

In other words, referrals should be the lifeline of your business!


Here is a referral gathering gameplan:

1.      Ask every time – no matter what

2.      Treat getting referrals like getting sales

3.      Don’t stop until you get at least 1 referral from every buyer

4.      Use the following script: At the very end of your presentation: Do you mind if I ask you a question? What made you decide to go ahead and move forward with this today?  

(let them talk)

That’s great. I am really glad to hear that! You know, before I leave, I was going to ask a quick favor of you. I have found that there are really 3 groups of people that I tend to work best with and quite honestly, these people are the ones I can help most often, so I was curious do you know anyone who recently got married, had a new baby or started a new family?  (customize for your industry.   After receiving referrals find out one piece of unique information about them:

Simply ask: Can you tell me one interesting piece of information about ___ that most people don’t know?


This is your key to getting referrals … now, just put it to use and go kick some referral butt!


In the Spirit of Success,

Amanda Johns

Corporate Partner and Program Director

Southwestern Consulting

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