Ten Tips to Stay Motivated

Many times a lack of motivation comes from a feeling of helplessness.  We sometimes feel completely out of control with our lives when we have a to-do list that seems impossible to complete, rules and regulations, corporate policies, the economy, when we lack sleep, or when we have made a mistake that has lowered our confidence. 


Learning how to keep ourselves motivated in the face of these obstacles is necessary to our happiness and to our success.  We cannot depend on our superiors, our significant others or our friends to motivated us.  It is something that we must do for ourselves and to ourselves.


Here are 10 ways that we can increase our motivation every day: 


1.     Write down your goals in a specific and powerful language

Our subconscious minds do not believe us when we say, “I want to lose weight” or “I want to make a lot of money this year.”  Those just sound like dreams.  Instead, your goals should sound like this: “I will make $176k this year by selling 116 units of product.  To do that I will need to do 3 presentations a day.”


2.     Write down why it’s important to you to achieve that goal and how you will feel when you will achieve it- read daily

The feeling that we expect to get from reaching a goal must be more powerful than the pain we must endure to get there.  Focus on that feeling in the most vivid detail as possible.  And focus on it again and again.  When you know the “why” you will figure out the “how.”


3.     Unplug TV

Most, not all, but most of what is on TV is either negative or at best pulls us toward being average.  TV lowers our vocabulary, it models demeaning humor, it promotes materialism, it depresses educational achievement, it is addictive, and it robs us of precious time. 

Instead, use the time that you save by not watching TV to work on productive activities and things that are going to increase the quality of our lives.

4.     Read or listen to something inspirational daily

You can read from the bible, or read motivational quotes, or listen to an audio message.  Whatever works for you, just make sure to fuel your soul everyday.

A good rule of thumb is to read anything technical at night, because your brain will digest the material as you sleep, and read motivational material in the morning.


5.     Share something inspirational with someone every day

Whatever we give away, comes back to us exponentially. 


6.     Catch yourself doing something right daily

At many elementary schools around the country, kids get their name on the board when they get caught doing something wrong.  For many kids, negative attention is better than no attention at all, so kids will repeat those behaviors to get noticed.  Whatever behaviors that are recognized get repeated.  If you are constantly “catching yourself” doing something wrong, those behaviors will inevitably be repeated. 

When I was in first grade I went to a pretty progressive elementary school.  The teachers there did not look for us doing things wrong, but instead were trained to catch us doing something right.  The teachers gave us a 3 by 3 sticker with our lion cub mascot on it that said “I was caught being good today at school.”  Kids would work like crazy to earn those stickers.   

In the same way, if we are in the habit of recognizing ourselves, when we do something right.  Those something rights will be repeated and our confidence goes up.



7.     Plan your work

One of the simplest ways to increase your productivity and your motivation for the day ahead is to plan in detail for the next day.  It is almost impossible to wake up motivated when you know today you have a lot to do but you don’t have a specific plan for how you will get it done.  If I don’t plan out my week, I feel like I am fighting an uphill battle every day.  By filling out a detailed daily planning sheet (and if anyone would like for me to send you mine, email me at eyoung@southwesternconsulting.com), we have control over our day, because even if the to-do list is too long to tackle, we still are consciously choosing what actions we are going to take versus doing what we feel like doing in the moment.  When we do those things we get results and we feel good about ourselves.



8.     Never lay head down without getting daily results

Accomplishment leads to confidence.  Confidence motivates us to do more.


9.     Exercise everyday

One of the best ways to feel motivated every day is to get your daily dose of endorphins.  Endorphins are natural pain and stress reducers that cause a sense of well-being when released into the body.  If you knew that you could do something every day that would cause you to feel better about yourself and give you more energy, why wouldn’t you do it?


10.  Have a thankful heart

Signs that someone has an unthankful heart are complaining, irritability, finding fault and being unforgiving toward yourself and others, and never being satisfied.  This is the opposite of motivated.  One of the best ways to change the quality and enjoyment of your life is to be thankful for what you have.  Make it a point to stop complaining, look for reasons to be appreciative, forgive when someone messes up, and know that what is happening to you right now in your life is part  of a greater plan.


If you develop the habit of taking control of your thoughts, you will be able to control the quality of your life.


Your Partner in Success,

Emmie Young

Professional Sales Trainer

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