The Introduction: Turning Objections into Selling Points

The introduction is one of the least talked about parts of the sales cycle; but it is the most important part.  It is in this part of the sales process in which you:

1. Build rapport

2. Create a need for your prospect to buy your product or service

3. Cover objections in advance 

4. Create a buying atmosphere. 


Today, I’m not going to share any basic ideas on how to do a good Introduction.  Whenever, I share something that is particularly high-level, I like to say, “Get ready. This stuff is some serious Jedi, ninja sales material.”  So, here is some serious Jedi, ninja sales material.  Today, I am going to talk to you about how to take all of the objections that you already know you are going to get and turn them into the reason WHY your prospect will buy from you.

Step 1You already know all of the objections that you are going to get.  It’s not like every 5 or 10 years all the buyers of the world get together and decide that they are going to come up with some new objections to stump all the sales people of the world.  Every objection out there is a version of an objection that has been around for hundreds of years.  Make a list of all of the legitimate objections that you expect to get.  Not the objections that are really excuses or the ones that you should be able to prevent if you do your homework correctly; but the ones that are really frustrating to you right now. 

Step 2Plan into your introduction how to bring up the objection first:  The Concept: Whoever brings up the objection first wins.  I might get laughed at big time for sharing this example, but it is a good one.  In the final rap battle in the movie, Eight Mile, Eminem’s character is battling against Papa Doc.  In his rap he brings up every ‘dis’ that Papa Doc can make on him first.  He says, “I am white, I am a bum, I do live in a trailer with my mum.  I did get jumped by all 6 of you guys, etc. etc.”  When he passes the mic back, he says, “Here tell these people something they don’t know about me.”  When Papa Doc comes up he has nothing to say, so he loses the final rap battle and the championship.  We need to do the same thing in sales.  Sometimes if there is an issue, we try to hide it.  We don’t bring it up, and then the prospect does in the form of an objection at the end.  They win.  You bring it up first.  You win.

Step 3Turn the objection into the REASON why your prospect will and should buy from you.  Learn to look at your obstacles as the opportunity, and present it to your prospect that way. For example, you can use a reason why many people have been procrastinating as a reason they should act now.  “So many people are price cautious right now.  I can promise you that our rates are good.  In fact, last week I had a client that got a quote for us, and then put I don’t know how many hours into trying to find a better rate, just to find out that our rates were just as good, and our service was hands down better.” 

In summary, if you have guts enough to face your objections head on at the beginning of a sales cycle, often times it can become the selling point that actually causes someone to buy from you.  Make a list of those objections, plan how you will bring them up first, and look for the opportunity in that obstacle and you will find it.

Your Partner in Success,

Emmie Young

Professional Sales Trainer

Southwestern Consulting

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