Personality Poker is Engaging and Insightful

One of my colleagues and friend, Stephen Shapiro, just released his newest book from Penguin/Portfolio called Personality Poker.  It is an engaging and insightful read with a fun interactive twist and I am supporting him in reaching the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Personality Poker is unique, not only because it raises insightful and counterintuitive perspectives, but it comes with a deck of innovation personality cards that makes determining ones personality style (or that of an entire team) both interactive, fun and easy.

Some of my favorite insights from the book are:

  • Why the person you like the least is the one you need the most
  • How your greatest strength can limit your success
  • Why homogenous teams are more efficient, but end up limiting innovation

 …and it is packed with useful information whether you are a Fortune 500 business or a solopreneur.

The book is available now:

Click here to purchase on Amazon

Click here to purchase on Barnes and Nobles          

Warm regards,

Rory Vaden, MBA
Co-Founder of Southwestern Consulting™
Self-Discipline Strategist and Author of Take the Stairs®
Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking Finalist

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