Prospecting: Pre Call Strategy


Phone sales are a popular strategy for many businesses, and done correctly, can be highly effective. However, before you start calling people at random, you should form a proper strategy. A strategy will help you focus and turn uninterested consumers into excited customers for your product


These things have to be in place to succeed on the phone (without any one of them you are set up to possibly fail): the right environment, the right plan, the right list, the right words, the right energy, the right attitude, the right persistence and perseverance,  and the right follow-up.

Be at your office getting organized at least 30 minutes before the 1st call and try to fill your mind with only positive energy (inspirational music in car or on iPod or in room when getting ready).

Plan your calls:

  1. Elements should include: income objective for that day, average size of sale, closing % of sale or number of appointments set, call volume or # of dials.
  2. Have all of the scripts easily accessible for your usage.
  3. Have record keeping sheets and computer programs ready to go to document calls made.

Warm up before making calls (like athlete, musician).  Read your affirmations, sing a song to warm up your voice, how about some physical exercises to get your blood flowing. What if at beginning of day, the whole team got together and got all fired up and made sure work stations were not cluttered and you were all ready to rock and roll.

Possibly role play with a partner for 5-10 minutes before begin calling.

Before getting on the phone look yourself in the mirror and make sure you are groomed well and look sharp. Place a small mirror on your desk. Smile. Stand up. And if you want to really go crazy and make more dials get 2 phones.

Start the call strong with good energy. “Hi you are Joe Smith the manager with Wells Fargo right? Great! Well I’m Gary Michels with Southwestern Consulting™. We have never met before so if you are trying to put a name and a face together it probably will not work.”

Your goal should be to make prospecting a minimum of 25% of your time spent in your business.

Keep up these practices and you will succeed!

Make it a great day!


Gary Michels

Co-Founder Southwestern Consulting™ 

Home of the Success Starts Now!™ Seminar Series

Executive Sales Consultant, Professional Speaker, Author & Coach


Member of National Speakers Association

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