Marketing to Women

One significant way that small business owners can market their products and services to women.

Without pigeonholing all women into one lump sum there are 2 distinct ways that most women prefer to sell and buy.

  1. Women buy personality over product
    1. They are more likely to buy from the company if they have good reputation, friendly service, inviting atmosphere, pleasant visual appeal. In other words, women buy the experience whereas men tend to shop and buy for just the product. Men could care less about the ‘experience’ but women remember who served them, what the experience was like and if they enjoy their time there. Sell the personality of the company and you will attract women.
  2. Women are brand name buyers
    1. It’s not that we don’t love a good deal, we do, and it’s not that we don’t buy generic brands, we do – everyone loves a good deal, but overall women buy a brand name. Companies targeting women need to brand themselves in their niche market. Whether it just be a local branding approach or a national approach, women will flock to where other women shop. Two reasons why this happens:
      1. Women compare shopping experiences and will try out what other women suggest.
      2. We want to be a part of the action. We will shop where everyone else shops.

    In the Spirit of Success,

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    Southwestern Consulting

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