Creative Prospecting

Creativity pays off. Just like your phone prospecting, your mail prospecting must be creative. Here are some creative ideas:

  • Deliver a box of instant oatmeal, instant coffee, instant pudding, instant mashed potatoes, instant glue, instant hair dye, and Minute Maid Orange Juice. Attach a note that says, “By using these products, possibly you will find an extra few minutes in your crazy schedule to give me a call.”


  • Send a tennis shoe with a note attached that says, “I just wanted to get my foot in the door.” You can go low budget here by sending a simple keychain of a shoe or a baby shoe that you got at the flea market. Or you can be classy and send a full sized shoe in a plastic case.
  • Send a basketball with a note attached that says, “I just want to bounce a few ideas off of you.” You could also send a tennis ball.
  • Here is a funny one that really does work. Send a crumpled up brochure with a sticky note that says, “Don’t throw this away, AGAIN!”
  • Send a box with a beach ball, sand, and seashells. Include a note that says, “Life is a beach, but growing your sales income doesn’t have to be.”
  • Send a model airplane with a note that says, “If you are looking for a model game plan that will make your sales take off, give me a call.”
  • Send a bowling ball and an actual score sheet. On the score sheet write: “Do you want your business to roll right in? Then get a strike by working with me!” (Since the bowling ball is heavy, you’ll want to hand deliver this one. Note: If you want some cheap bowling balls, go to your local bowling alley and ask for their “defective” bowling balls. You can usually buy them for about $4 each. Then use a cloth bowling ball pouch rather than a bowling ball bag.)
  • Send a cubic zirconium ring in a small bracelet-sized jewelry box. Set the ring on top of a small piece of Astroturf instead of cotton. Include a note that says, “When you are looking for a diamond in the rough, our program (or product or service) is your answer.”
  • Send a pizza delivery box with all your important information inside and possibly a coupon for a free pizza. On the outside of the box put your name or company name and write something like: GARY DELIVERS. 
  • Send a marble and a rubber band in a little clear box with a note attached that says, “When you think you’re losing your marbles about who to do business with, be flexible and give me a chance.”
  • Send a large envelope with a lottery ticket inside, as well as a compact disc that doesn’t have a title on it. The actual song on it will be “Take a Chance On Me” by ABBA. And the note attached to it would say, “If you want to win big like the lottery, you have to take a chance on this awesome _____________.” (Note: If you really want to win a person over, tie the CD to a helium filled balloon. Put the balloon in a box so that when the person opens the box, the balloon drifts up and the CD is hanging in front of the person’s face.)

Please post any of your creative ideas in the comments section below.  Have fun with it.

Make it a great day!


Gary Michels

Co-Founder Southwestern Consulting

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