This is one of my favorite subjects to coach clients on. It is really fun talking about networking.  It is an art, and most people do not do it correctly.  I really do believe that networking can be huge for all sales professionals. 

Networking meetings are a great place to start.  Begin with a Google search on “networking (insert your local area)” and search for a sight that has links to different networking events in the area.  Go to the calendars of the various groups and match that up with your schedule, so that you are going to at least 4-8 a month, some in the morning (breakfasts with a guest speaker) and some at night  (the social happy hour types) so you are meeting all different kinds of people.

This is how to not work a room at a networking function.  You will see others doing this:

  1. Grouping with people they already know
  2. Spending too long talking to people who are trying to sell to them
  3. Talking too much when they find someone who is interested
  4. Passing out their business card to everyone without collecting information

Instead, what you should do is:

  1. Move quickly through the room searching for prospects.  (like “speed dating”)
  2. Have a ‘Wow How’ statement that explains what you do.  (make sure it is one line only and gets them to ask  “Wow! How do you do that?”)
  3. Share only enough information with them about what you do to keep them interested.  (when they ask “What is that?” respond with a story of how you helped someone that sells a benefit)
  4. Collect information.  (get whatever information that you need – qualify)
  5.  Aim for finding as many prospects as possible that you can call later to set an appointment.

Ok, so about Wow How Statements.  They are basically an elevator pitch that makes people say, “Wow, that’s cool. How do you do that?”

At a networking meeting, when someone asks you what you do for a living you don’t want to say, “I sell insurance.”  They think about how they already know many insurance agents and they want to run the other way.  Here are some points to consider:

When coming up with your ‘wow-how’ think about the following:

What makes me unique?  What is your USP?  (unique selling proposition)  
What makes me different from everyone else in my industry?
What is my goal in this industry?
What am I exceptionally good at?
Why do people work with me over someone else?
What is funny or interesting about me, my company or my industry?

So, you need to come up with answers to these questions, be ready to use them, and get out there in the community and network!

Your Partner in Success,

Emmie Young

Professional Sales Trainer
Southwestern Consulting
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One thought on “NINJA NETWORKING

  1. Emmie,

    I agree with your what not to do wholeheartedly.

    I have been speaking professionally as the Networking Ninja since 1990. The single most important thing to understand about building a business via this tool is that it is relational not transactional. I wrote an article about 1995 called “Pearl Diving” which sums it all up. Drop me an e-mail if you would like a copy.

    Jerry Fletcher
    Newtworking Ninja

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