In my work coaching sales professionals, I am always ecstatic to hear that they are using a calendar to schedule everything. It’s one piece of advice that never changes – It will change your life!

Simply scheduling things ensures that you have time to get things done and it eliminates opportunities to ‘forget’ or ‘excuses’ that we come up with as to why we didn’t get things done. If you haven’t perfected the use of your calendar yet, the first thing you need to do is go through your To-Do list and determine what needs to be done now. Then begin scheduling longer term projects, personal time, date night, and anything that is important to you. If you don’t schedule it … it probably won’t get done!

Another stumbling block that comes up in my coaching is ‘fear’.  Fear when it comes to making phone calls. Maybe reluctance or procrastination is more of what they are experiencing, but that comes from fear; fear of rejection, fear of hearing “no”, fear of failure. Here are a few ways of overcoming those fears:

  • Stand up when you are cold calling. It gets the blood flowing, your adrenaline going and gives you an overall sense of control.


  • Put a mirror on your desk and watch yourself – Smile!!! It’s hard to be nervous or sound nervous when you are smiling. Knowing that you look good and look the part will also help in your confidence.


  • Dress up for work. Looking good makes you feel good which will help boost your confidence.


  • Make sure you are working out and eating healthy. Looking good outside is much due to feeling good inside!


  • Read affirmations: Brainwash yourself on an daily basis into positive thinking. Only you can build your confidence and it starts with telling yourself positive things every day.


  • Schedule every call you need to make. Having it on the calendar forces you to make the decision to call it or just move it around on your calendar… if you don’t call it today you will just see it pop up again later!

Remember these 2 quotes:

“When the mind is on service, it is hard to be nervous”
         -Rory Vaden
“It doesn’t matter if 10 people say yes to me or if 10 people say no to me, all I know is that 1 day is not going to make or break my career but my attitude and activity will determine my success”
          -Dave Brown

You have to mentally pump yourself up every day. Just like professional athletes jump around screaming to get going … so do we!!!

Have a great week!

In the Spirit of Success,

Amanda Johns
Corporate Partner and Program Director
Southwestern Consulting
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