Strategic Prospecting

Let’s talk about approach; specifically, about how to work your territory strategically so that even though you’re cold calling, you’re cold calling with a plan. You’re a sniper instead of a wild shotgun. The more targeted your approach the better or in other words “the more specific the more terrific!”

First, we want to start with specific industries. You need to identify what industries you are going to target first (i.e. government contractor segments such as IT, etc.). Next, target all of the complementary industries associated with your primary industries. Finally, call geographically assuming that one IT government contractor in your city would know another IT government contractor in the city regardless of what companies they worked for. Here is the recap:

  1. Target Competitors
  2. Target Complementary Industries
  3. Target Geographic Regions

NAMES are magic. Names are magic. Names are magic. Work in circles that people might know each other or at least recognize the company names. Learning how to use Names is a quarter million dollar skill in sales.

  1. Using Names – Use them early in your conversation BEFORE you say what company you’re with and/or what you’re doing. We don’t say “I’m from Southwestern and I’m selling books” we say “I’m talking with all of the families in Northwest Seattle.” So why would you say “I’m from XYZ Company and I’m a financial advisor” ???? Instead say, “I’m talking with a lot of the OWNERS (managers, top producers, executives, etc.) of different government contractor companies such as _____, _____, _____. Do you happen to recognize any of those company names?
  2. Names List –You need to have a names list sorted by INDUSTRY, COMPANY, TITLE and GEOGRAPHIC AREA of business. You can do this by exporting all of your customer contacts to an excel sheet and “SORT BY” industry.

LinkedIn is another tool to help you gain a ton of names. You should never have a slow time of not having enough names to call. Here is a link to a blog with a study of the demographics of the people on LinkedIn: (High Net worth people). This may help you target your ideal prospect.

In the Spirit of Success,

Amanda Johns
Southwestern Training
Professional Speaker and Sales Trainer
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