Vision and Goals

Activity is where it all starts.  Nothing works unless you do.  Once your habits are in place, then you can start working on the technical details.  You have to be getting on the phone before you can begin work on how to get better on the phone.  You have to be running more appointments before you can work on how to really sell and get referrals from those appointments. 

An important factor for holding yourself accountable is to keep track of what we at SWC call, Critical Success Factors.  Our coaching clients use this tool to enter their daily, weekly or monthly stats and goals.  These are personalized for every one of our coaching clients and it not only gives us a tool to monitor your successes, but it helps to hold you accountable to the activity that is going to bring you the results that you want. 

Set some short-term goals for yourself first.  An insurance agent may set the short-term goal of selling 40 Life Policies by Dec 1 to be the #1 Life Producer in the District, and to pay off $20,000 in debt by April 15, 2011.  Think of your own, be very specific, and then write them down.  Once they are in writing, they will seem real to you.

Then, get excited about your long-term goals  Start to think about exactly how much you want to earn, decide specifically how much money you want to save and in what timeframes, exactly how much time you want to be able to take off, how often, and what you will do during that time.  You can create a dream board for these long-term goals.  Write them on the board, cut out pictures, hang photos, or whatever you can find to give you a visual reminder of what you are working towards.

Have a great week and enjoy the time that you have to figure out your goals.  That is special quality time with yourself and you deserve it!




Emmie Young
Professional Sales Trainer & Speaker

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