By Gary Michels

I was recently congratulating a coaching client on closing a deal, and after sharing the details he asked me to cover some very critical points during our next coaching session:  his daily schedule and helping him find NEW key areas that absolutely need to be focused on every day.  It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, or if you were born organized, it’s always a good idea to occasionally review your scheduling and time management process.  If it’s as streamlined and efficient as it can be, then great.  If there is some room for improvement, the tips below may be helpful.

We discussed how sometimes you have all good intentions when the day begins, but somehow lose focus and get distracted away from your IPA’s (Income Producing Activities). We absolutely need to remember that if IT IS NOT SCHEDULED IT WILL NOT GET DONE!! We want everything in our daily schedule to be “by design.”  The key is to make sure the whole day is strategically scheduled out with activities, not just scheduled appointments. Your prospecting time should also be a scheduled appointment on your calendar.

 Here are the 4 areas that you need to spend your time on each day.

 1) Your ENERGIZING time! THIS SHOULD BE 10% OF YOUR TIME. This is your time in the morning when you get up and prepare for the day.  Spend time on motivational reading or listening to cds/podcasts, use affirming statements and say them to yourself in the mirror every morning, role play partner working on your scripts, exercise. These are just a few ways to energize in the morning.

 2) Your GENERATING time! THIS SHOULD BE PART OF THE 60% of your IPA time. This is basically your Prospecting time. You need to block off the time on your calendar so that it gets done. Even though you do not know yet who you will be speaking with, the time will be blocked off.

 3) Your ADMIN time! This SHOULD BE NO MORE THAN 30% of your time. This is taking service calls, planning, researching, filling out paperwork, going to meetings, etc. if you cannot get your ADMIN time done in 30% of your day you probably have a ton of business, which is a good thing, or you are “creatively avoiding” what you know you really need to be doing. If you really cannot get done all of the tings in this time period you should hire an assistant to do these type of things for you so you can spend your time on IPA’s. 

4) APPOINTMENTS and PRESENTATIONS TO CREATE time! THIS SHOULD BE THE OTHER PART THAT MAKES UP 60% of your time. This is simply running sales calls, doing presentations, meeting somebody to do an analysis of their, etc. It is any time spent showing and explaining what you do in an attempt to make a sale.

If you spend every day really scheduling your day with lots of detail and include these 4 areas with detail, you will begin to see a major change in your sales results.

I look forward to hearing any comments (you can add below) about how this system is working for you.

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