Dave Brown is one of Southwestern Consulting’s top coaches.  With his personal one on one Top Producer’s Edge coaching, his client’s are reaching new heights in their sales careers.  Here’s a peek into a personal coaching call.  

How great does it feel to make $24,000 in a month?!!

I have to say that you better get used it. This is only the beginning and there is so much more that’s in store for you.  I really like the kind of a client base you have targeted.  You’re amazing and I love my place on your team. So much fun!

I’m glad we hashed through some of the issues you were having, because obviously you are going to be having many more of those conversations over the years and perfect practice is everything. It goes back to what we have said before with “clear expectations” because by letting your potential client off the hook early by telling him/her how they are going to react to what you will be talking about is huge and makes that trust build quicker between you two. I’d contend that you could also use some of that humor effectively, if you really put your mind to it, within your presentation … Why not; you’re so good at it. Just a thought. J Remember the method of telling a story every 10 minutes to keep the mood real, because we are story loving creatures no matter what the topic.

That final closing question, when you have someone that is giving you the procrastination objection, will be a huge click for you over the next few months. When someone is putting you off for no reason ask, “So what exactly do you need to (think about, sleep on, get back to me on, etc.), is it the quality of service that I’ll render or what exactly could it be?” When they answer, you have their true objection which is something you can totally isolate by confirming that is the ONLY thing holding them back, and then you can make it work with your ninja sales and problem solving skills.

The biggest thing we got into today was the principle of the “purple elephant” and how all top producers always make an effort to call it out no matter what the circumstance or scenario. It screams confidence, and truly bridges you and your potential client together because you have the power to approach things most human beings won’t. Look for every opportunity over the next few weeks to bring light to the many purple elephants that come up in all your conversations. Remember that the harder it is to talk about just means that you are conquering your fear and making it more and more of a habit of yours through practice. This skill is something that will also roll over into your life which means more exciting conversations with your loved ones, more humor opportunities for intense laughter, transparency with your friends, etc. Sounds fun, huh???

Awesome, spectacular and cool are words that describe you and the more good news you keep me up with the more I can plan our killer sessions. I appreciate you calling and letting me know things that have come up; and please email, text, whatever, I’m here for you. We have a lot of topics to cover over the next few months and it’s exciting to look forward into the second quarter for you. We have got so many closing ideas and topics you are going to really get into; intensely focusing on your presentations in front of groups is going to be huge as well! I’m so excited for you.  You’ve had some great success in this first quarter and there is much more to come…Get excited! J

LIVING and LOVING every minute of it,
Dave Brown 
Partner/Professional Field Trainer
Southwestern Consulting
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