How To’s in Reaching Sales Goals

Was January a productive month – February will be a productive month! Positive self talk goes a long way. It’s probably a good idea to go back every month and evaluate what you did, what worked, what didn’t and what were the results. One thing you may realize is that you need tangibles to focus on, so let’s take an example of real estate agent and break down a yearly goal based on the following:

Yearly Goal:   36 Transactions – 20 listings

The step by step process:
2 listings per month
Run 4 listing presentations per month (1 per week)
Set 2 appointments for listing presentations per week
Talk to 7 sellers/ decision makers per week (trying to set up an appointment)
Drop off 5 pizza boxes per week (for details on the “pizza boxes” email me for complete details)

Focus on 7 sellers per week and 2 appointments per week! (Our coaching clients have access to our statstical database “Critical Success Factors” (CSF) where you log in daily and enter your stats before you leave the office. Don’t worry, if you forget we will remind you! We then run daily reports and provide an accountability system, training, and motivation to keep you on track for success – for more info on this service, contact me by email )

Your game plan for this month should include:  Search expired listings, withdrawns and FSBOs in any area/neighborhood that you sold a home in last year. Target areas that you have already sold homes in!!!

“You and I haven’t met yet, but I am the one that was working with the ____ family. I don’t know if you knew them but they live/lived on _____. Do you know where that is? Well, the reason I am calling you today is ….”

The goal is to get the appointment, that’s it. Save the presentation questions and content for the presentation.

When doing drive-bys, only leave the pizza box if you have a phone number you can follow up with. Try to knock on the door and see if they are home before leaving the pizza box. Don’t expect them to call you – you have to be the one to follow up. Follow up 2 days after you leave the box. I add this stat to our CSFs so we can track how many of those are actually working. The first sale is just getting the appointment –not the listing. Get the appointment first and focus on getting the listing at the appointment.

Keys to getting the listing at the appointment:
1. Find the pain (why didn’t their house sell? How long on the market? When are they looking to sell by? Why? Share market statistics!
a. You came up with 3 reasons as to why it didn’t sell. Drive them to one of these responses:
i. Price
ii. Realtor
iii. Condition
2. 3rd Party Sell Yourself
a. Key points to point out in 3rd party selling
b. What was “his” the situation (ie was expired listing, no offers, on market for 6 months)
i. How it relates to the new prospect
ii. Why he decided to work with you
1. Your personal commitment to service/ vested interest
2. You also work with buyers (another time to 3rd party sell)
3. You advertise to other realtors/ buyers. Follow up with this question every time: Do you see why “he” decided to list with me this time?
4 Start the closing sequence
a. Your situation really isn’t that different from “his”. If you have a few minutes, I can share with you a couple of things that we are doing different this time to make sure his house gets sold. Would you be open to hearing about some of them?
b. Okay, great. Well, before we get into that can you share with me some things going on in your current situation?
5. Take them through CLASP!!!!

In the Spirit of Success,

Amanda Johns
Corporate Partner and Program Director
Southwestern Consulting
Corporate website:
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