I am really excited to see you take your business to the next level and we are here to guide you every step of the way. The key elements to your success are schedule, commitment and a sense of urgency! The harder you work at these 3 things the sales will come but it all starts with activity!

Here is a recap of what we will look at today:  2010 Goals – 30 transactions = $200k in commissions
Which means with an average commission of $6,300 (70% of $9,000) you have to commit to the daily goals. Here are the details of what it’ll take to reach what we call “your Critical Success Factors (CSFs)”:

50 business contacts per day (30 dials and 20 in person visits)
5 decision maker contacts per day
1 appointment per day
1 presentation per day  (You need to average 20-25 presentations per month)
Monthly goal:    2 transactions

This all equals out to every 50 contacts you make, you will talk to 5 decision makers. For every 5 decision makers you talk to you will set up 1 new appointment. For every 10 presentations you will create 1 new client!

To ensure you hit these numbers, here is a sample schedule that you could put together:

Daily Work Schedule
8:15-8:30am                       Create daily task list
8:30am-11am                     Phone Prospecting Time   *30 dials*
11-12pm                              Check email and return phone calls
12:1:30pm                           Lunch
1:30-4pm                             Canvassing Buildings   *20 in person visits*
4-5:30pm                             Admin Work and Prospect Follow Up 
5:30-6:30pm                       Check email and return phone calls
6:30-7pm                             Planning for next day

Action Items:
LinkedIn – update profile.  Add picture and personal summary, add all business contacts that you have (ie past clients, sales reps, past and current colleagues, past employers, all friends and family who are in executive or management positions).

Over the next several weeks, keep up on your schedule and your LinkedIn profile.  Have a great week and start keeping track of those numbers – this will be the key to hitting your goal this year!!!

In the Spirit of Success,
Amanda Johns
Southwestern Consulting
Partner and Program Director
2451 Atrium Way
Nashville, TN 37214
Corporate website:
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